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Emtek Hardware

Emtek is dedicated to bringing interesting, well made hardware back into American homes. Their mission is to make it possible for home owners to apply the same high expectations they have for well designed products to door locks.

Product features include:

  • A unique and excellent knob and lever handle system
  • Latches are heavy duty die cast construction, with solid internal springs, solid brass nose bolts, and sintered metal cams
  • A brushing prevents metal against metal wear and tear
  • Handles are connected to rosettes with a permanent clip
  • Set screws can be tightened to eliminate handle wobble
  • Emtek levers have a fixed stop at the top of their stroke, so it will only rotate down. This European style construction yields a solid, positive feel for every lock
  • The threaded tubes inside the locks are machined brass, not steel. This ensures good threads and prevents corrosion, for easy installation and long life

Material features include:

  • Emtek handles and rosettes are forged, not cast or stamped
  • Diamond, Old Town, and Astoria knobs are lead crystal – clear and brilliant
  • Flat facets on crystal knobs are hand ground and polished, just like gem stones
  • Old Town and Astoria styles are silver mirrored on the back side, creating a reflective interior surface
  • Shanks for crystal knobs are solid brass, machined to close tolerance
  • Brass handles, rosettes, side plates, and shanks are hand buffed
  • Wrought steel handles are hot forged, distressed and relieved
  • French Antique, Pewter, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are hand relieved
  • Emtek’s oil rubbed bronze finish is underlain with copper
  • Latch nose bolts, faceplates and strike plates are solid brass

Your Spaces and Views professional can review this extraordinary line of hardware and help you decide upon the best choices for your home.