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Highland Park, IL 60035

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2310 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL  60614
(Cabinetry only)

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2587 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL  60647


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633 West Pershing Road
Chicago, IL  60609



Omnia Quality Hardware

Omnia industries was founded in 1964 and quickly became known for upgraded, quality decorative hardware for doors. Their architectural hardware is stylishly designed yet completely pragmatic and functional. Through the years, they have become known as a leader in innovation and style. Today, while America remains its base of operations and primary market, Omnia products are sold in Canada, Central America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and other international markets.

Omnia door hardware is mainly installed in residences, but it can also be found in luxury apartments, office buildings, resorts, and hotels. That means you get commercial grade quality in every Omnia product.

Omnia has a huge array of styles, colors, finishes, and textures.

Ask your Spaces and Views door professional to review them with you.