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2310 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL  60614
(Cabinetry only)

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Stone River Bronze Hardware

The mission of Stone Rover Bronze Architectural Hardware is to build quality, handcrafted hardware to meet the needs of discriminating customers. Spaces and Views carries both their door and window line, and for good reasons:

  • Stone River bronze casts hardware in three different bronze alloys: Nickel, Silicon, and Manganese. Each alloy has a unique base color determined by specific amounts of mixed metals to create the desired alloy
  • The bronze alloy ingots are melted into crucibles and poured into molds to cast each piece of unique hardware
  • Products with burnished natural finishes will age over time and develop a rich hue from oxidation
  • Patina finishes develop wear highlights with use and exposure
  • Aging and highlighting are desirable characteristics of bronze and part of this unique living finish
  • Each of the bronze alloys are available in standard hand-rubbed oil patina or burnished finishes
  • Each piece is created and finished by hand – its own work of art

Ask your Spaces and Views expert about exquisite Stone River hardware.